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I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve set a release date for THE WOOING OF A WAYWARD ROGUE! It will be out on March 12, 2019. This is the seventh Scandalous Spinsters book and the second novella in the Innocents trilogy (the first is THE ENCHANTING OF AN EARL, about Georgiana’s sister Elinor).

You can preorder the book at Kobo and Nook and iBooks for the special preorder price of $0.99! Amazon will be available closer to release date.

For money…

There comes a time in every spinster’s life when she accepts there is no white knight riding to her rescue. When Miss Georgiana Conley’s infamous, wealthy aunt offers to make her an heiress in exchange for her company, Georgiana is relieved she will no longer burden her impoverished family. But though her scandalous aunt has retired to the country, she’s not quite as lonely as she’s led Georgiana to believe.

She has a beau.

Stephan Laurent, Lord de Winter, is handsome, charming, and suspiciously devoted to a woman twice his age. He must have designs on Georgiana’s inheritance. Though she immediately vows to chase the silver-tongued fortune hunter away, she soon questions whether she is protecting her aunt, her inheritance…or her heart.

And I’ve got a teaser to share!

“I hope I haven’t taken advantage of your friendship,” he said quietly, sliding his gloved hand beneath her fingers.
Bravery—or manners—prevented her retreat. Yet her hand twitched. As if she’d grabbed a hot pastry but didn’t want to drop it. “We are not…” Then she looked up at him. Her chest rose with a resigned, indrawn breath. “No, my lord. ’Twas no hardship. I-I’m glad to understand you a bit better.”
There. There it was, again. She understood him. In a way no other woman previously had, including his intended bride.
Perhaps he’d made a mistake. Not in telling Georgiana, but in believing it didn’t matter whether the woman he took to wife knew him deeply.
He helped Georgiana into the carriage. For the first time, he noted how well her height complemented his own.
Somewhat reluctantly, he released her hand. Her hold on him was a bit harder to unfurl.
He tried to deny it. He told himself it was naught but a bit of boyish yearning. No different than a lad who longed for his governess’s hugs. But as the carriage rattled away, he became aware of something wrong. Something really, truly wrong that he had no idea how to fix.
He wanted more of Miss Conley.

Missed the first books in the Scandalous Spinsters series? You can purchase The Courtesans boxed set featuring books 1-4 for a low price at Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks! And if you’re an audiobook listener, the first six books are available in audiobook.