The Wooing of a Wayward Rogue

Have you been eagerly awaiting the 7th Scandalous Spinsters novella? See sparks fly when prudish Miss Georgiana Conley encounters devilishly handsome Lord de Winter at her aunt’s cottage!

There comes a time in every spinster’s life when she accepts there is no white knight riding to her rescue. When Miss Georgiana Conley’s infamous, wealthy aunt offers to make her an heiress in exchange for her company, Georgiana is relieved she will no longer burden her impoverished family. But though her scandalous aunt has retired to the country, she’s not quite as lonely as she’s led Georgiana to believe.

She has a beau.

Stephan Laurent, Lord de Winter, is handsome, charming, and suspiciously devoted to a woman twice his age. He must have designs on Georgiana’s inheritance. Though she immediately vows to chase the silver-tongued fortune hunter away, she soon questions whether she is protecting her aunt, her inheritance…or her heart.

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The Luring of a Lovely Lady

Scandalous Spinsters Book 8

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The Danger in Daring a Lady

Scandalous Spinsters Book 6

Did you miss the previous book? Lord Darius Alexander is in way over his head when he accidentally loses a fortune to a beautiful country lass with a spine of steel. Dare will need more reforming than most rakes if he’s to be worthy of Cate. Read their slow-burn love story today!


The Courtesans: Volume 1

Scandalous Spinsters Books 1-4 Box

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