A Game of Persuasion

An Extended Prologue for the Art of Ruining a Rake

A night she’ll never forget…

Miss Lucy Lancester has loved her brother’s best friend, Roman Alexander, for as long as she can remember. So devotedly, she’s vowed never to marry anyone else. But her beloved libertine is hardly aware of her existence, and not the least deserving of her affection. Deciding her cause lost, she makes plans to open a girls’ school in Bath. There’s just one thing she needs to do before she confirms her spinsterhood forever: spend one blissful night in Roman’s arms. But her handsome rogue isn’t ready to have the tables turned. It will take more than a coquettish smile to turn his head. She must play a game…of persuasion.

Publisher: Intrepid Reads
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Reviews:Dixie Schweitzer on Audible wrote:

[Marian] Hussey 's performance is outstanding. She voices the various characters distinctly and consistently. Her emotional range reflects that of the characters throughout the story. Both writing and performance did the job of making me want to hear the rest of the story.

A Game of Persuasion is a free prequel novella for The Art of Ruining a Rake. The story in A Game of Persuasion overlaps with the first Scandalous Spinsters book, The Trouble with being Wicked. In Wicked, Lucy Lancester drives her brother to distraction with her refusal to seriously consider any suitors during her London Season. We also see her beg courtesan Celeste Gray for lessons in seduction. A Game of Persuasion shows Lucy's point of view during this time frame, and gives delicious, behind-the-scene looks at several events that are mentioned off-page in The Trouble with being Wicked. The story is completed in The Art of Ruining a Rake.

The audiobook is narrated by Marian Hussey.