Box Set, New Release, The Art of Ruining a Rake, The Courtesans, The Problem With Seduction, The Trouble With Being Wicked

New release: The Courtesans

If you’ve been looking to start my Scandalous Spinsters series, now is the perfect time! I’ve put together the first four books in a special set called “The Courtesans.” This set is a great opportunity to catch up with my smart, sensual Regency romances at a discount! The boxed set includes books 1-4.

You get:
The Trouble with Being Wicked
The Problem with Seduction
A Game of Persuasion
The Art of Ruining a Rake
The set releases on 12-13-16, the same day as It Started With a Kiss. Order your copy now so you can start reading immediately on next Tuesday! 🙂

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