Audiobook, The Danger in Daring a Lady

The Danger in Daring a Lady is an Audiobook!

I’m so happy to announce that The Danger in Daring a Lady is now available as an audiobook! It is narrated by Marian Hussey, who has also narrated the rest of the Scandalous Spinsters series. Several fans have commented how much they love Marian’s narration – that makes us so happy! Thank you for all your wonderful reviews of the prior Scandalous Spinsters audiobooks. I’m so delighted to share this one with you too!

Also remember that this audiobook is Whispersync compatible, so if you already have the Kindle version of The Danger in Daring a Lady, you can get the audiobook for a reduced price! You can also purchase it from Audible.

You can listen to a 15 minute sample for free here: