A Game of Persuasion, Audiobook, New Release

A Game of Persuasion is Now in Audio!

I’m thrilled to announce that A Game of Persuasion is available as an audiobook! Like The Trouble with Being Wicked and The Problem with Seduction, it is narrated by the lovely Marian Hussey. I loved listening to her take on the beginning of Roman and Lucy’s love story, and I hope you do too.

If you own the Kindle version of A Game of Persuasion, you can purchase the audiobook for a reduced price via Kindle Whispersync. (This is also true for Wicked and Seduction). And the best part is the Kindle version of A Game of Persuasion is FREE! You can also get the audio version of A Game of Persuasion for free with your trial of Audible. Or, if you’re not a Kindle user, you can buy the audiobook straight from the website.

Listen to the first fifteen minutes for free below: